About Us

Krav Haganah means “Combat Defense” in Hebrew


Defense Training Against: EMPTY-HAND, KNIFE, GUN, STICK

Beginner to advanced training in Hand-to-Hand Combat, Knife Fighting, Stick Fighting, Combat Pistol, Rifle, Active Shooter Defense, Simunitions, and Defensive Tactical Driving.

Group and Private Training, Tactical Team Training, and Kids Bully Proof Program.

World Class Protection for Civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military. KRAV MAGA and so much more!

Krav Haganah in Houston provides world class training by some of the highest qualified instructors in the world.

It’s much more than close quarter self defense. We help you develop a real world mindset to develop the skills to protect you, your family, business, church, school, or VIP client, against a single attacker or multiple attackers in a multitude of scenarios. We offer large group, small group, specialty teams, and private lessons.

The KRAV HAGANAH CLASS is the core of our hand-to-hand combat training. It’s in this class that you will build your foundation for self defense. The first half of the class covers our “Defensive Combative Options”. These are techniques from American Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Silat, Escrima, and Aikido, as well as others. These “Defensive Combative Options” will help develop your muscle memory for using various hand strikes, kicks, knees, elbows, wrestling, grappling, and control techniques. You will use timing, distance, speed, leverage, positional changes, levels, angles, and tactical strategies to overcome bigger and stronger opponents. We will teach you how to bring it all together using solo and partner drills, as well as pad work, to develop power and control for the proper response to a threat.

The second part of class covers empty-hand street defenses against punches, kicks, chokes, grabs, bear hugs, headlocks, tackles and more. You will also learn defenses against knife threats and attacks, and gun threats from various angles. The class is continually enhanced and upgraded for more complex scenarios such as multiple attackers, surprise attacks and stress inoculation drills.

Generally, within approximately one year of training you will have developed a very good understanding of how to handle serious assaults. Continued training is recommended to ensure the highest level of protection.
This should include learning additional skills in the other classes we offer, such as American Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, BJJ, Combat Aikido, Tactical Knife Fighting, and Combat Fitness.

This can be taught as a one-on-one private lesson, for small teams, or in a larger group setting. We are partnered with Officer Jacob Manuel who served 6 years in the Army and is currently in law enforcement and is the department’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Instructor.

The course will start with situational awareness while driving, approaching intersections, and how and where to stop in traffic. Then we'll move onto the driving course. You will focus on how your vehicle handles and why. You will do a slalom course, evasive lane changes and a controlled braking course.

These will all apply to real world situations such as someone trying to box you in or follow you home. You will also learn how to evade “potential” harm while driving home. You will learn about positive weight shift, negative weight shift and how to maintain a neutral weight shift. These dynamics are the fundamentals of performance based driving that can save your life.

We partner with MACHINE TACTICAL: “World Class Tactical Firearms Training for Civilians, Law Enforcement, and Military”
We partner with some of the best counter terrorism experts in the world. They have
training and experience working in the field while specializing in counter terrorism
and dignitary protection.

Force on Force: Critical Decision Making Under Pressure Simunition Training.
Our Firearms Training is directed by instructors who are graduates of the LOTAR counter terrorism school that trains and develops Israel’s SOF personnel and doctrine.

You will have the opportunity to train with some of the best Israeli and American Special Forces instructors in unique seminars and courses offered regularly throughout the year. We can also customize a training schedule to meet your needs.

We partner with TAC SOLUTIONS: Active Shooter Defense for home, business, schools, and churches.
Security Assessments, Department of Homeland Security grant application assistance for places of worship, see: https://www.dhsgrant.com/

We offer classes and seminars for active shooter response training, onsite or offsite at schools, churches, small private businesses, large corporations, law enforcement agencies and military units.
Become a member or attend our specialty seminars and gradually develop the skills to protect yourself, family, friends, co-workers, and our way of life.