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Reality-Based Self Defense

 KRAV MAGA and much more!!!

Haganah is the wave of the future in hand-to-hand combat, street assault, combat fitness, and firearms training methodologies. It incorporates both unarmed and armed fighting methods. One of the most important features of the Haganah system is that, unlike many traditional martial arts systems, it is continuously enhanced. The IDF periodically updates its hand-to-hand and other combat techniques based upon its daily combat experience. Haganah integrates those updates after adapting them for use by civilians and law enforcement professionals.

Your safety, understanding, and growth are our priorities. We genuinely care about your experience at HaganaH Houston.


We are a "Haganah Nucleus School"!

The HaganaH NUCLEUS was created in 2011 by the Founder & Chief Instructor of the HaganaH system, Mike Lee Kanarek, with the mission of pointing the public to the elite, qualified, dedicated and loyal F.I.G.H.T. Instructors within the HaganaH system who are keeping up directly with the evolution of its combative methodologies as taught personally by Mike Lee Kanarek. The HaganaH NUCLEUS is the direct leading organization within the HaganaH system, who introduced the FIGHT program several years ago , and it bears Mike Lee Kanarek's personal seal of approval on each member Instructor. Every single HaganaH NUCLEUS FIGHT Instructor has trained directly under Mike Lee Kanarek to upgrade his/her teaching repertoire within the HaganaH system within an 11 months period. FOR MORE, SEE OUR "ABOUT US" page.

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Combat Fitness, to reduce fat, increase lean muscle mass-speed-agility and strength endurance.

Instruction also available in BJJ, Combat Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tactical Knife Fighting.

Specialty training; Israeli Personal

Defensive Firearms training. Semi-Automatic Pistol and AR-15 Assault Rifle.

We have several instructors available for private sessions during the day by appointment. Learning is greatly accelerated in these sessions. Sessions can be a blend of disciplines depending on the customers desires and needs. Call 713-252-5836

HaganaH and F.I.G.H.T. basic training principles are simple. Avoid, escape, demolish. If you can, escape an escalating situation. If you are attacked and cannot immediately escape, do not assume you can judge your attacker's ultimate intent. Therefore, demolish the attacker. Be measured in your response when choosing how the fight will finally end. Bring the opponent in, jam his attack, contain, control, demolish.
Students are drilled to create a mindset that reacts to a violent assault by immediately switching from a victim to a predatory aggressor. Every touch is designed to create damage. Every tactic has both a defensive and offensive element. Techniques are overlapped to "short-circuit" and overwhelm the attacker. There are no rules of engagement. Every technique builds on instinctive responses.
Understand other systems and recognize their application in an engagement. Exploit their weaknesses. Stay up to date and keep enhancing what you do based upon real life experience. This system is designed to enable all of these things to occur.
The teaching approach is designed to mirror military style teaching while recognizing the time demands and typical fitness levels of the working adult. It presents virtually the entire content of the system-hand-to-hand, knife defenses, gun disarms, and ground fighting. We use rapid comprehensive training for our hand-to-hand. Empty hand against the knife components use limited core techniques’ and a process known as technique funneling.
No fight is a blueprint, so different initial attacks require different initial responses. But the system has identified four common positions that can be achieved for nearly all attacks within one to three moves, regardless of the initial attack. Haganah calls these carefully tested positions of control and dominance “points of reference”. The funneling effect of the system is designed to bring the opponent to the points of reference. From each of the four points of reference, students are taught virtually identical sequences of strikes (called "objective" options) to be used to restrain, incapacitate or terminate the attacker.
This vastly reduces the number of techniques a student must become capable of, making learning and muscle memory programming (reactive programming) very fast. In combat things don't always go as planned. That's where the Haganah funnel techniques excel. By designing its techniques around the points of reference, Haganah accommodates many situations and practitioner skill levels. The point of reference becomes a familiar and comfortable place.
Regardless of how the fight started or whether the initial self-defense reaction was even correct, all Haganah practitioners battle to quickly get to one of those landmark positions. They seek that familiar place in an unfamiliar landscape where they can be completely confident they can find their way home, no matter how long or little they have trained. Once they reach that position the adversary is theirs.
When it comes down to it, it’s about intelligence gathering. In the military, the key to surviving an engagement is often good intelligence. It's the same in the street. We focus on integrating training that brings our students a clear understanding of the adversary. Whether it is teaching them the knife or teaching them likely tactics used by practitioners of other popular fighting styles, it all serves to make them more capable of defending themselves.
From all perspectives, Haganah is a complete hardcore fighting system of combat proven tactics from a place that has always had the need---Israel.
 Additionally, we are constantly evaluating other methodologies such as those used by the various U.S. Special Forces to add in any of their techniques, which would strengthen the system. There is no ego in the Haganah system. It uses the best of the best in self-defense and combat methodologies.
 All techniques in the Haganah system lead practitioners to one of three points of reference (destination points) with three objective options- restraint, incapacitation, or termination. By limiting the variety of combat strategies, learning time is accelerated and depth of understanding and skill levels are increased. Our practitioners become adept at quickly reacting to attacks and if necessary improvising to achieve these few points of reference. Once achieved, our practitioners feel very confident and comfortable that, even though the engagement may not be over, it is theirs to win.
 Haganah Houston is a member of the International Haganah Federation and an Authorized Training Center. Haganah is a unique combination of Israeli military tactics and Israeli and other Martial Arts. The purpose of which is to defeat stronger, more skilled, and even armed opponents.
This, in turn, will protect you and yours when evil knocks on your door.
From Housewife to Homeland Security, Haganah is for you!!!!



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