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Haganah Houston was developed from a desire to help others gain skills, not just for self defense, but for living fullfilling lives that impact others. 
The martial art/self defense aspect of Haganah Houston is a culmination of years of experience, developed thru many mentors, and a great deal of suffering, to learn what works under the stress of a real assault, and how to teach others, with different learning abilities and desires.
The mentoring aspect of Haganah Houston comes from a strong belief in Jesus Christ and that the Word of God, thru the Bible, holds the real keys to happiness, fullfillment, and success in life. A deep understanding of Biblical Doctrine will shift our perspective from self serving to serving others.
This principle will show up in everything you learn at Haganah Houston. We pray before and after every class. We talk about how to develop spiritual strength thru studying God's Word, prayer, attending a good Bible teaching church, fellowshipping with other believers, talking and sharing with unbelievers and reaching out to those that have physical needs as well.
We would also like to pray with you when you have a need. You can send us an email, catch me before or after class, or call me on my cell phone at 713-252-5836. I would consider it a priviledge to pray for you or with you.
We won't judge you or call attention to any individual in class. We simple talk briefly about what we believe is important and move on to the training that you came to us to learn. 
We also talk about and teach how to gain physical strength, through training, nutrition, supplements, and rest.

HaganaH NUCLEUS Program:
No Politics, All Training!

It has been a long time since I wanted to put together what I am now calling the HaganaH NUCLEUS Program.

For years now, I have been Certifying FIGHT Instructors, to teach our core FIGHT curriculum. This program was put together by the brilliant mind of my partner, Randy Proto, over months of research into my mind and over months physically training on the mat personally with me both in group classes and in private sessions. Since the first FIGHT Certification, many Martial Arts Instructors, Law Enforcement DT Instructors and Military Combative Instructors have been Certified as FIGHT Instructors. All of which passed my scrutiny eye during the training in the Certification. So on a standard level, all FIGHT Instructors, were personally Certified by me. The challenge that gave birth to the HaganaH NUCLEUS was never in the FIGHT Certification itself, that Certification has been proven to be working and is functionally solid. The challenge was after the fact individuals were Certified. Some became very dedicated FIGHT Instructors and have become Great Ambassadors to our system, however, every coin has two sides…and some fell short of being like the other positive ambassadors. But, all nothing less are FIGHT Instructors.  A few years  ago, I thought that the HaganaH Black Belt Test would have been the solution to this, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Some tested for their HaganaH Black Belts and stop being active short after their test or faded out slower.  Or somethings became so political that some people mistaken rank for power, while rank to me is simply an indicator of your responsibility of level of representation.

So I have decided to create a program that will not cancel out anything else we are doing or have done in the past, but a program that will identify the Dedicated, the Driven, the Genuine, the Loyal FIGHT Instructors: the HaganaH “NUCLEUS” Program. This is a program within the IHF, it does not Certify... It simply recognizes the Elite FIGHT Instructors who are constantly striving to keep up with the highest standards of our teaching evolution and provides the students training in our system with a full blue print of the qualifications of their F.I.G.H.T. Instructor.

Mike Lee Kanarek


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