HaganaH Houston

teaches an Israeli Integrated Self-Defense System with REAL WORLD applications.

Close quarter self-defense with a real world mindset will help you develop the skills to protect you and your family against a single attacker or multiple attackers in multiple scenarios. We offer group and private lessons.

Below you will find (11) Eleven curriculums taught throughout the week!

Members have access to all classes except the firearms training for the very low price of $150 per month.

Tactical Firearms training is $35.00 per class for members, $75 per class for non-members.

LTC classes are $115.00 and are as scheduled and announced.

All LTC classes include one FREE Tactical handgun class.

Private sessions during the day are now available by appointment. Learning is greatly accelerated in these sessions. Sessions can be a blend of disciplines depending on the customers desires and needs. Call 713-252-5836

F.I.G.H.T.(Fierce Israeli Guerilla Hand-to-Hand Tactics) Krav Maga and more... This is the core of our Israeli self defense training. Using a blend of the Israeli systems, Krav Maga, Hissardut, KAPAP and LOTAR, you will learn to defend yourself against typical street attacks, knife attacks and gun attacks.

I.T.K.(Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting) You will develop knife fighting skills by learning the fundamentals of effective footwork, slashing, stabbing, combination attacks, targets, engaging, disengaging, counters against common attacks and drills.

Ground Survival - (BJJ and Russian Sambo) - Emphasis is from the ground and getting back to your feet. Keeping in mind the possibility of multiple attackers and weapons deployment.

Combat Fitness - (“Functional Fitness”) - Performance focused training to decrease fat, increase lean muscle mass, strength endurance, agility, mobility, and flexibility. Beginner to advanced.  

BJJ Combatives - (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu) - No Gi - Self Defense specifically from a grappling perspective. You will learn how to move on the ground, positional control of your opponent, submissions from your back, side and top. Transitions from your feet to ground and back to your feet. This class is specifically designed to defeat a bigger, stronger opponent while protecting yourself.

Combat Wrestling (“The Missing Link”) - The class incorporates Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and American Wrestling techniques to allow you to take your opponent to the ground while allowing you to stay highly mobile and on your feet.

Aikido - Many of the martial arts involve force meeting force. Aikido is an art where one avoids the force by blending with the force of the attacker and thereby creates an off balance situation in the attacker, allowing the attacker to be thrown or the joints to be locked, and when done for real, broken.

Aikido takes a little longer to learn but can be practiced at a more advanced age and by people who are of a less physical mindset.

These techniques also work very well when combined with techniques learned in our other classes and are especially beneficial for restraints.
More tools to choose from to help you when you need them.
Bully-Proof for Youth - Haganah Houston's Bully Proof Program is a multi-dimensional approach to helping you and your family to gain the skills to deal with the many dangers present in our modern society. We will cover mental tactics and stategies, verbal skills, and realistic self defense. We will cover internet dangers, street smarts, drug dangers, emergency escapes, and a defined set of rules of engagment.

Your child will learn when and how to properly defend themselves depending on their different circumstances and environments.

This class is all about helping to build confidence, self esteem, mental and emotional strength, and physical development. We will build these attributes on a foundation of Christian principles and a proper perspective and understanding of right and wrong.
S2B Muay Thai Kickboxing - "Shin 2 Bone" (The Eight Limb Martial Art) - Teaches combinations using hands, elbows, knees, and feet for striking. You will also learn how to "calibrate" your proper timing and distance from your attacker to ensure enough reaction time to strike and counter-strike. Drills are employed using pads and protective equipment for developing combinations and free-sparring.

Tactical Firearms Training - For beginner to advanced. This class teaches gun safety and handling with a dynamic perspective. You will learn proper clearing for safety, body position for optimum stability, drawing from concealment, gun manipulation, closing distance, how to use cover/concealment, entering unsecured areas, VIP 3rd party protection, low light conditions, and much more.

See "Schedule" tab under "Events and Seminars" for   Tactical Firearms class. Handgun and AR-15 - 6:00-8:30pm-$35.00 for members, $75 non-members
"Must have taken at least 10 pistol classes before learning AR-15 transitions"
*Call Now - Limited Space Available*


License to Carry- (LTC) - You will receive your Texas State Carry Permit in this class.

We understand this type of training can be intimidating. We create an environment that will allow you to learn and develop into a warrior. We provide safe, fun, and productive instruction for people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. 

Come see what Haganah Houston is all about!

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