Corporate - Military - Law Enforcement


You want to protect your employees, we can help. We have trained employees at some of the large industrial plants in the Houston area as well as the employees at some of our local small businesses, in everything from safety meetings to employee volunteer anti-terrorism tactical teams.

At employee safety meetings, our self-defense expert can present from a variety of topics such as: situational awareness, civilian response to an active shooter, active shooter scenarios and defenses, team disarms, and personal protection scenarios.

Many of the large industrial plants have an onsite volunteer anti-terrorism tactical team who train to counter a terrorist attack at the plant. We have experience training with such teams and can offer anti-terrorism training at our school location, at the industrial plant, or a combination of both.

Our corporate wellness program will encourage health and safety when employees train in the variety of classes we offer at our school location. We offer a $50 per month discount to employees of companies who partner up with us to provide them with a wellness program. Employees get an even greater benefit from companies who also reimburse a portion of their fitness cost. Weather you reimburse or not, this is a big savings for your employees. Not only do our members get a great workout, they also get the best self defense training available in the Houston area.

If you are interested in any of these offerings, call John Peek, at 713-252-5836. He can give you the information you will need to give to your Human Resources department or the decision makers at your company. Prices vary as these are all customized offerings.

Military and Law Enforcement Training

We have a variety of Military and Law Enforcement training to choose from. For more details, call John Peek at 713-252-5836.