Firearms Training

Tactical Firearms Training is essential in order to develop the proper reaction in a real encounter.

Whether you are a complete beginner who needs the basics, or a veteran gunfighter who wants to add new skills to your arsenal, this teaching is the most comprehensive firearms training available today. Our firearms training is applicable to handgun, rifle, shotgun, to name a few. You will learn:

Proper weapon clearing for safety
Body position for optimum stability
Draw techniques
Point on target aiming and proper sight alignment
Rapid magazine changes
Techniques for instant jam corrections
Closing distance
Multiple target aquisition
Entering unsecured areas, and much, much more...

Class begins with dry fire training at our location. Then we go to a shooting range nearby for live fire. Bring your weapon, holster, and 2 magazines to class. Rentals available, call John, 713-252-5836.