John Peek

John Peek is a self defense expert in hand-to-hand fighting, with and without weapons, and firearms training specialist with over 33 years of experience. He serves as the owner and head instructor at Krav Haganah, continually enhancing the classes to achieve the highest level of instruction for the students.

John teaches the Krav Haganah class, knife fighting class, BJJ combatives class, combat fitness class and private lessons. He assists and sometimes teaches the Muay Thai Kickboxing class, Bully Proof for kids class and the Boxing classes.

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Tyrone Selders

Tyrone Selders is our boxing coach. He is the Louisiana State Middle Weight Champion and continues to fight as opportunity arises. Tyrone is a gifted teacher, he is the instructor of all our boxing classes, our kids class, and gives private lessons as well.

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Sam Flores

Sam Flores has been training at Krav Haganah since 2011. He received his Black Belt in 2014. He assists and sometimes teaches the Krav Haganah class. He continually trains and enhances his skills in Muay Thai Kickboxing and is an instructor for that class.

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Chad Fletcher

Chad Fletcher has been training in Krav Maga under John Peek for over 10 years. Before that, Chad trained in Tae Kwon Do for 12 years and received a first degree black belt under Master Park. In 2014, he received his Black Belt at Krav Haganah. He assists and sometimes teaches the Krav Haganah class whenever called upon. Chad is always there to help the students in any way he can.

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Jempy Neyman

Jempy Neyman studied boxing, unarmed combat, and received his Army Airborne Jump Wings at the United States Air Force Academy. He has been a life long athlete studying the martial arts of Tae Kwon Do, Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate, and Matsubayashi Ryu Karate. He became a member of krav Haganah in 2008 and received his Black Belt in 2014. He believes in mentorship and passing down wisdom and knowledge. Jempy assists and sometimes teaches the Krav Haganah class, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Knife Fighting, BJJ and Aikido.

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Lisa LaFoy

Lisa has loves the martial arts and has been training most of her adult life. Before coming to our school, she received a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and also trained in Russian Sambo and Kali. Lisa began her training with us in 2013. She received her Black Belt in 2017. She assists in teaching the Krav Haganah class, Muay Thai Kickboxing class, BJJ, and Combat Fitness class.

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B.G. Smith

We are honored to have B.G. Smith teaching at Haganah Houston. B.G. is a 10th Dan Aikido Master. He teaches the Aikido Class and assists in teaching the FIGHT weapons class showing alternate endings to knife and gun disarm scenarios.

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Jason Conway

Jason Conway holds a 6th Degree in Tomiki Aikido and has 25 years of experience training SWAT and Cadets. He teaches the Combat Aikido class which is a reality-based version of traditional Aikido - defending against anything and everything that can happen in a real fight, including hand-to-hand combat, take-downs, restraints, and gun & knife disarms. 

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