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Our Gym is Reopening

As the State of Texas opens up gyms, we are now able to offer more classes. Along with Dry-Fire Firearms classes being offered daily, we are also offering American Boxing classes and Combat Fitness classes. We will maintain 10 feet of distance between each other to give us a "cushion" to move around a bit while sustaining both sanitation and social distancing rules. Unfortunately, the Krav Maga classes can not be offered at this time since it is a contact sport and can not be done while maintaining social distancing. We look forward to being able to offer that class again soon!

If your membership is on hold and you want to do classes, call and reinstate your membership. We are also accepting returning members and new members. Check the schedule page to see firearms class times.

Come see us here in Webster today or fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!


Close Quarter Combat

Our close quarter combat training gives you the tools to strike and defend against any real-world threat. We're helping you focus on getting the most out of every movement and react to a threat without wasting a second.


Knife Training

An attacker with a knife can be deadly in a matter of seconds - unless you know how to defend against it. We'll teach you how to safely disarm an attacker and take control of the situation to defend yourself and others.


Firearm Defense

We all know how deadly firearms can be. But that doesn't mean you have to be afraid of them. We offer everything from control and care of your own firearm to defense strategies against an attacker armed with a gun.


Combat Fitness

You can't effectively defend yourself if you're not in good enough shape to keep moving. We'll help you develop the endurance and athleticism that you need to come out of any dangerous situation unharmed.

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Kids Martial Arts

Krav Maga Pearland

Self Defense

Krav Maga Pearland


Meet our Instructors

Krav Maga Pearland

The facility is fantastic. John is a first class Instructor with a servant heart and tons of knowledge. As an Instructor (myself) it's refreshing to meet another Instructor in the industry who is others centered and absent of ego. I would highly recommend any of his courses of study. Whether you .... Read more

Jason Reel

Krav Maga Pearland

This really is the best place to train and have fun. First let me start by saying in the past I Had joined some other schools for a short time and the thing I noticed about both of those is that the owner would rarely show up and if he was there he was more like a “decoration” just .... Read more

Nektarios Kalantaridis

Krav Maga Pearland

My 5 year old daughter attends the bully proof classes on Tuesday afternoon and my husband goes to other classes when he is able to during the week. It has helped my husband improve his fitness and he often talks about how much he enjoys the classes and is exceeding in the areas they teach. The .... Read more

Jessica Dill

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