Corporate Self-Defense Training

From Teambuilding To Emergency Response, Our Corporate Self-Defense Training Has It All

Is your office prepared to react to a real-world threat? Probably not.

But at Krav Haganah, we can help. Our Corporate Self-Defense training is the perfect way for businesses and organizations all across our community to learn effective self-defense training and take on an incredible team building experience.

We are Houston's leader in self-defense and we can't wait to show you why. Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

What's Included In Our Corporate Self Defense Training?

Our priority in this program is on lightning-quick response times to a real-world threat. In the face of an armed attacker, those first few seconds and minutes can be crucial to your survival.

We're giving you and your coworkers the chance to learn core self-defense skills and the ability to maintain a calm mind in high-stress situations. 

At Krav Haganah, our Corporate Self-Defense training can equip you and your coworkers with:

  • A plan of action in the face of danger 
  • Tools to quickly evaluate the situation
  • Simple self-defense skills for close-range encounters
  • Confidence in your ability to defend against any threat 

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If you're looking for a great way to help your coworkers feel safe and prepared for whatever life throws their way, we have you covered here at Krav Haganah. Our Corporate Self-Defense training is great for offices and organizations of any size.

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