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Krav Haganah offers many firearms courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to prepare the student for real-world scenarios with real-world solutions. Target practice is not enough because it does not include the stress that comes with facing an active shooter or an armed assault. Training is necessary so that when the shock of the situation hits, the training kicks in, along with the ability to make critical decisions under pressure. These are the courses we offer, customized courses are also available when requested by your group.

Armed and Ready Civilian Defense Firearms Training


Length: 40 videos each approximately 20 minutes long
Cost: $99

When facing a deadly encounter without training, people tend to either over react or under react. These videos will give you the tools for critical decision making under pressure so you can have the appropriate response. This comprehensive series begins with the fundamentals such as the safety clearing procedure, quickly clearing jams, and magazine changes; then moves on to methods such as room entry and clearing, third-party protection, and scenario-based techniques. This is dry-fire training that can be practiced at home either alone or with a partner.




Length: 5 hours
Cost: $225

Learn the fundamentals of safely operating a semi-automatic pistol along with basic counter-terror strategies that will better equip you to react to active shooter situations. All skill levels.




Length: 5 hours
Cost: $225

This course addresses some of the most common concerns with using your personal defensive weapon around innocents, while protecting your loved ones. We will use dry and live fire to help students adjust to stressful environments. All skill levels.




Length: 5 hours
Cost: $225

Learn how to take your weapon from a point of storage to a point of threat contact. Store, retrieve, load and employ your weapon quickly, efficiently and effectively. All skill Levels.




Length: 2 1⁄2 hours
Cost: $75

This is the ultimate opportunity to test yourself against fellow gun fighters. You will face scenarios in which you will be individually forced to make shoot/no shoot decisions, defend a gun threat, knife threat, or empty-hand threat, and negotiate firing in crowded situations such as public places or home invasions. Determine what you should do before, during, and after confronting an armed assault or active shooter. These decisions must be made ahead of time to ensure the correct reaction.

Learn firearm and combat fundamentals, advanced tactics, and critical decision making. This course covers safety, handling, carrying, pre-assault indicators, drawing and rapid deployment, target acquisition, neutralization and confirmation, multiple threats, using cover and concealment, maximizing positional protection, closing distance, entering unsecured areas, third-party protection, hand-to-hand engagement to weapon transfer, weapon retention, post engagement protocol and assessment, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, 911 call, legal call, all applied in a multitude of realistic scenarios with variations.

The seminar begins with your handgun, learning the fundamentals of handling the weapon such as jams, magazine changes and point-on-target shooting. Next we move on to hand-to-hand combat to weapon transitions, because if you are attacked, you must create distance in order to draw your weapon. The training will include a post-engagement assessment such as, looking for any other threats, injuries, and making the 911 call. Then we bring it all together with realistic scenario-based training using airsoft guns. This is very revealing, you might be surprised to see how you react in a realistic scenario. Shoot or no shoot decisions will be made under pressure. Walls and rooms are constructed in order to recreate actual armed assault scenarios. Parking lot scenarios are recreated outside. It’s similar to LARP (Live Action Role Play) but with realistic scenarios that we see in our world today. By engaging in these scenarios, you will be conditioning your mind and body to the proper response. This is the most realistic training you can get without breaking the bank.

All skill levels.

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