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In this class you will build your foundation for self defense. The first half of the class covers your "principles and combatives". This develops your muscle memory for deploying palm strikes, eye gouges, throat jams, kicks, knees, and elbows. You will use leverage, angles, and tactical strategies to overcome bigger and stronger opponents.

We will teach you how to bring it all together using engagement drills, pad drills, and more.

The second part of class covers 18 empty-hand street defenses against punches, kicks, chokes, lapel grabs, bear hugs, headlocks, tackles and more.

You will also learn 10 defenses against knife attacks and 10 gun disarms all from various angles, and all covered in one 4 month rotation.

The rotation is often supercharged with a combination of techniques from our Combat Wrestling, BJJ Combatives and Aikido programs to give you even more skills. The class is continually enhanced and upgraded for more complicated scenarios such as multiple attackers, surprise attacks and stress inoculation drills.

Generally, within approximately 3 rotations, (one year) of training, you will have developed a very good understanding of how to handle serious assaults.

However, we suggest you continue learning additional skills in our other classes as well as our dynamic progressive Firearms Training.


Essential training for quick deployment, accurate targeting, body positioning, clearing gun jams, and magazine changes in order to develop the proper reaction in a real encounter. This all-encompassing training includes learning the fundamentals and basics, to advanced techniques such as multiple attackers, entering unsecured areas, and third-party protection.

The beginner and advanced classes are included in the membership, and the live-fire class is offered at a nearby shooting range for an additional cost. Online video tutorials are available through Vimeo, and can be watched on your phone, tablet, and on smart TVs, as well as through Amazon Firestick and Roku using their Vimeo app.

A link to these tutorials can be found on the Firearms Training page under the Programs tab.


Krav Haganah's Bully Prevention Program is a multi-dimensional approach to helping you and your family to gain the skills to deal with the many dangers present in our modern society. We will cover mental tactics and strategies, verbal skills, and realistic self defense. Also covered are internet dangers, street smarts, drug dangers, emergency escapes, and a defined set of rules of engagement. Your child will learn when and how to properly defend themselves depending in their different circumstances and environments. This class is all about helping to build confidence, self esteem, mental and emotional strength, and physical development. We will build these attributes on a foundation of Christian principles, Founding Father quotes and teachings, and a proper perspective and understanding of right and wrong.

Let your kids try the class free at no obligation. Just come to class on Tuesday or Thursday from 5 pm to 6 pm. to check it out.


In the boxing class you will work your whole body and mind. You will learn proper technique and form through various boxing punch combinations and footwork changes. You will get a great cardio workout while you learn how to manage distance, develop great timing and increase accuracy. You will use heavy bags, speed bags, double-ended bags, jump rope, and other equipment to develop quick reflexes, power, and smooth footwork. Techniques are applied in sparring with protective gear, when the instructor decides you are ready, and you have the desire to spar.


Muay Thai Kickboxing (The Eight Limb Martial Art) Teaches combinations using hands, elbows, knees, and feet for striking. You will learn how to calibrate the proper distance from your attacker to ensure enough reaction time for strikes and counter-strikes or use defensive movements to cover up and counter.

Drills are employed using pads and protective equipment for developing combinations and free-sparring.


Combat Fitness - (“Functional Fitness”) - Performance focused training that will decrease fat, increase lean muscle mass, strength, endurance, agility, mobility, and flexibility. Beginner to advanced. To be at the top of your game, fitness is essential.

This class combines aerobic and anaerobic strength training using body weight exercises that will get you where you need to be.


Here at Krav Haganah, traditional Aikido is being transformed into "Combat Aikido" so you can use it in real-world situations against an actual attacker. Using Aikido techniques, you will learn to defend yourself against anything and everything that can happen in a real fight, including hand-to-hand combat, take-downs, restraints, and gun & knife disarms. Come see what combat-ready Aikido looks like.


Learn the fundamentals of effective footwork, slashing, stabbing, combination attacks, targets, engaging, disengaging, and counters against common attacks. Drills are employed for developing combinations and free-sparring.


BJJ Combatives - Brazillian Ju-Jitsu - No Gi - Self Defense specifically from a grappling perspective for real-world encounters. You will learn how to move on the ground, positional control of your opponent, submissions from your back, side and top. Transitions from your feet to ground and back to your feet.

This class is specifically designed to defeat a bigger, stronger opponent while protecting yourself. It is taught in such a way in which you can quickly attain the most frequently used BJJ techniques.


Many of the martial arts involve force meeting force. Aikido is an art where one avoids the force by blending with the force of the attacker and thereby creates an off balance situation in the attacker, allowing the attacker to be thrown or the joints to be locked, and when done for real, broken.

Aikido takes a little longer to learn but can be practiced at a more advanced age and by people who are of a less physical mindset.

These techniques also work very well when combined with techniques learned in our other classes and are especially beneficial for restraints.

With Aikido, you have more tools to choose from to help you when you need them.


If attacked, it may be necessary to use ordinary objects around you to defend yourself. The stick fighting techniques we teach can be applied to various weapons of opportunity such as a broom handle, a pole, a shovel, pipe, a cane, a bat, or an umbrella, to name a few. You can use a stick against an unarmed attacker, or against an attacker armed with a knife or stick; you can even use a stick to defense yourself from a gun threat. Stick Fighting seminars are held throughout the year, check the events page for our next seminar


This is an exclusive class for home school students and their parents. We encourage all parents who can attend the class with their student to take advantage of this real-world self defense training at a discounted price. All participants should wear athletic style clothing and clean athletic shoes on the mat. Select the following links to register and pay for class:

Home School Coop Class 2 Times a Week

Home School Coop Class 2 Times a Week (additional family member)

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Home School Coop One Time per Week

Webster's Home For Self-Defense Training

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